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4 Ways to Improve Running Biomechanics
Before reading this article, please understand that there is no such thing as "perfect" running form. Since everyone has different limb lengths, varying muscle fiber sizes and angles, diverse masses, and separate running distance requirements, no single athlete will run the same. But there are *characteristics* of a good runner that remain fairly constant from person to person. Allow me to introduce you to four, and include a drill to improve each. Read More

How To Start a Running Program
Running or jogging is one of the best ways there is to lose weight fast. It burns tons of calories and gets your body burning fat. Running strengthens the heart, lungs and can be done just about anywhere at anytime. Read More

Running Cadence, Or How Many Footsteps Per Minute?
I have been doing a bit of research on the whole running cadence concept and I have found out some interesting results.
Apparently the number of steps per minute (cadence in cycling terms) that an elite athlete will take on average doesnít vary as much as I would expect. For any elite distance runner (over about 3000m) you can predict that they will be running at about 180 steps per minute (90 left foot and 90 right foot) regardless of how fast they are running. Read More

Running Fast And Faster
Running fast just isn't what it used to be! When I was a kid, if I wanted to run I just sort of rushed my walking and then before I knew it I was running. If I wanted to run faster, all I had to do was try harder, and I would run faster. I could keep trying harder and harder until I couldn't try any harder and that was my top speed. Very simple really, and the sort of understanding you would expect from a kid. The problem is that a lot of us adults run with the same attitude. Read More

Running Tips: What You Need to Know When Starting a Running Routine
Strong legs, strong lungs, strong will. Such is the portrait of a typical distance runner. The good news is that you can be a runner, too. Read More

The Health Benefits Of Running
Running is addictive. Speak to anyone who is a runs or jogs regularly and you will find that everyone has different motivations. Some run to keep their weight down, or to help them lose weight. Others run because it makes them feel happier and healthier. Some people run because they feel it is good exercise. Read More

Tips for Winter Running
Let's face it. Running in the winter is a real pain. Itís cold, there's ice to worry about and the wind usually drops the already cold temperature from cold to downright arctic conditions. Read More

Two Simple Techniques to Improve Your Running Efficiency
Much of the activity of running requires less effort than you think. One of these is the leg swing, a movement that makes up a considerable amount of the action. Many runners use a kicking action to bring their foot forward for the next stride yet this use a tremendous amount of unnecessary effort. Once your foot is off the floor it requires no effort at all for it to swing through. Try the following exercise to appreciate how to run more efficiently. Read More

Why Do I Run?
Tomorrow is Monday. You have had a big week and your weekend didn't solve any of your problems. Tomorrow it is back to work and we all know how hard the Monday morning rev up can be. How about just skipping your run and sleeping in instead? Read More

Why Run Slow?
Running fast is the dream and aspiration of most runners. This means different things to different people, but it is safe to say that there arenít that many runners out there that sleep happily when they dream about running slowly. Yet running slowly can be used as a tool to help us run faster when it counts. Read More

Why You Should Run
Too many people have the misconception that running has to be hard work. This tiny detail prevents many people from taking up the sport and leading a much better, healthier life. Afterall, we would all like to lose a bit of flab and live a little longer and running can help you do this. The saying 'no pain, no gain, is nonsense. Believe me. Read More